About Ochstein Strategies

Jodi L. Ochstein 

Jodi Ochstein founded Ochstein Strategies in 2010 after seeing a need for startup companies and advocacy groups to create platforms to promote more refined messaging to help grow their businesses, brands, and communities.

Jodi’s career has always focused on creating fresh new ways to communicate and target audiences to connect people to ideas, products, or like-minded organizations.  Living and working in Washington, DC for over 20 years, Jodi has built a network of media professionals and community influencers. As principal of Ochstein Strategies,  Jodi has striven to employ these connections in a critical and thoughtful way. As a result, Ochstein Strategies has become one of the leading consulting firms with the unique ability to foreground your issue, product, or candidate in the right media marketplace at the right time.

As the name of her company implies, Jodi is a strategic thinker who applies her unique background in public affairs and digital communications to the latest avenues available in public relations.  The result is the right mix of messaging and consumer awareness.

Jodi’s consultation work has allowed her to contribute her talents to issue advocacy, brand promotion, and local and national campaigns.  Clients like UniteWomen.org, cookbook author Joan Nathan, and even a presidential campaign have provided Jodi with the meaningful knowledge and expertise required to help you launch your business, brand, or campaign and propel your company or organization to the next level.

As a woman-owned business, Ochstein Strategies is proud to be a member of  the DC Paid Family Leave Coalition.

For more information on services and fees, please contact Jodi Ochstein at jodi@ochsteinstrategies.com

Published Work:

Contributed Chapter 9. “Special Events”,   The Social Media Survival Guide for Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations — by Sherrie Madia, Ph.D.



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